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Hi my name is Alyssa and I am 18 and still a virgin. I hated school- all the other girls were flirting and fucking all the other guys and no one looked at me. I didn't really mind; I didn't want the other guys. Guys my age were were pathetic, weedy, nerdy, young and just so boys. I wanted a man. I wanted an experienced guy who could teach me the way of the world and how to pleasure a man, someone who would appreciate my body.

It was 2.00 and school had finished early for the day. Mum and dad would be at work, for at least another 2-3 hours. Anyway, I was walking home, trying to decide what to do with my free afternoon. I was debating between history homework and sunbathing in the garden, when I saw him.

I walked round the corner and saw a sex god in my garden. Tall, dark hair, tanned skin, his skin was tanned a deep golden brown colour. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and blue jeans, ripped at the knee and faded slightly, with heavy work boots. I watched in awe as he lifted a muscular arm and wiped the sweat from his brow. I felt myself getting wet between the legs. I realized this must be the builder coming to work on our new wall today. I wasn't really listening when mum was telling me about him. I was practically gagging. He was incredible, I mean really amazing.

I realized I had been standing on the side of the road for a good 5 minutes now staring open mouthed at this incredible man. Thinking very bad and naughty things, I shook myself and started to walk towards him. He looked up as I approached and I noticed his gorgeous blue eyes framed by long dark lashes. He smiled at me, his smile was incredible.

Hi, I'm Dwayne, he said.

I realized I was holding my breath. I let it out and raised a shaky hand in a kind of half wave. Alyssa , I stammered.

He smiled and bent over again to continue his work. I walked past trying to stop my knees shaking. I stood in the doorway and turned to glance at him again, he was lifting a plank of wood above his head and the muscles in his back and arms shifted, my nipples sprung to attention though my shirt. He turned and smiled at me, I flushed and ran inside.

Oh my god he was incredible. I was trying to guess his age, probably about mid to late 30's. There was no way he would look at me. I was 18 and I didn't think there was anything special about my shoulder-length brown hair and big blue eyes. Although I suppose I did have nice full lips, curvy figure and big boobs for a girl my age.

I raced in to the house and dropped my bag by the front door, walked into the living room and stood in the window to watch him. I stood half hidden behind the curtain watching. A dampness began to form between my thighs, and I rubbed my legs together tightly, which only made my excitement grow. Without even realizing it, I shimmied out of my white cotton panties and dropped them on to the floor. I was rocking back and forth now, one hand between my thighs, moistness dripping into the seat, my face flushed, my mound aching.

builder lifts schoolgirls skirt see pantiesschoolgirl stripped naked by builderOh God, I need to be fucked. Please, someone fuck meeee!" Without stopping to think I spread my legs so I could watch him between them, and plunged my fingers past the aching lips of my nether region.

I was still a virgin and my fingers filled me entirely, I began working my fingers back and forth. I'd work them down the lips, parting them gently and then slip them into my hole, then back up and work along towards my clit, then plunge back inside. I was bucking now, dripping onto the chair. My other hand caressing and tweaking at my nipples.

"God, yes. YES! I cried. Oh, Dwayne, make me cuuuUUUUUMMM!" Heat poured through my body, then ice, then my hips spasmed as the first orgasm took me. Another, like an aftershock followed right behind. I could do nothing but quiver from head to toe.

I got dressed and I walked out and stood next to him; he had taken his shirt off and sweat glistened on his muscular body. I felt a familiar twinge between my legs. Had to have him, I smiled and sat on the wall behind him, swinging my legs from side to side.

How's it going?

He turned to me and my stomach fluttered as I caught the glint of lust in his eyes. I opened my mouth to offer him a drink and he spoke first. I m parched. Any chance of a drink? He wiped sweat from his face.

I felt my nipples ache. I licked my lips, which had suddenly become dry. Sure, coke alright?

He smiled, as though sensing my discomfort. Yes fine, can I use the toilet as well?

Sure follow me.

schoolgirl pussy fingered by naughty fit builder man guyI jumped off the wall and walked up the path. He followed me and we entered the house. I showed him the toilet and walked in to the kitchen. I took the bottle of coke out of the fridge and bent to get a glass from the cupboard next to the cooker; I heard the door open and realized I was standing half out of the closet, bent far over. I could feel his eyes slowly traveled up my body, I felt myself getting wetter at the thought that maybe he liked what he saw. I was suddenly very aware of my slim high heels and short yellow skirt. I had done gym for years and I knew my firm arse wiggled in the air as I failed yet again to grab the glass that was right in front of me. I bit my lip hard to stop myself gasping out loud. I realized all I wanted him to do touch me, stroke me, uncover me. Sweating, I realized blankly that he was moving closer toward me. I could see his hand reached out. Suddenly, I felt hands pushing the small of my back, and then I felt myself falling. The next thing I knew, I was sprawled on the floor feeling his weight on me, and the soft, moist caress of his lips on the back of my neck.

See, this is what you want," he whispered. "You want me, don't you? Tell me you want this."

He slid a hand along my smooth silk front, exploring the curve of my young belly. Then he began to fiddle with the buttons of my shirt. I could feel my nipples growing hard as his fingers brushed them, my breasts heaved and strained against the tight confines of my blouse, my chest rose and fell like a wave crashing against the shore. He was right; this was my fantasy but at the same time some impulse demanded I try and resist. Then I realized Dwayne was beginning to unbutton my shirt.

girl suck cock, young girl, big cock, suck dick, suck cock, horny girl, schoolgirl sucks,"Oh, yes, Dwayne, yes." I was squirming under him now, reveling in the feeling of his weight upon me, grinding my hips into his. Between them I could feel his cock swelling, pressing into me, and I could not help but imagine it buried inside me; I could feel myself becoming more wet every time he caressed me. "Please Dwayne, Please sir, I'll be good, I'll be good," I cried.

Horny Teen, builder man, cock, sex, juicy, cunt, pussy, big tits, big boobs, schoolgirl, fuck,Horny, daddy, builder man, fingering pussy, girl fingered, college slut, slut student, dirty man, sex, fuck,"That's my girl," he said. He reached under my skirt and wrenched down my stockings in one motion. Then he stuck one hand between my thighs, and found my silk panties dripping with my juices.

"You're soaked!" he said, holding his dripping fingers up for me to see.

He slid off me and gathered me into his arms.

"It's ok," he said, pulling me into his lap. "You're being good now. No one will know. I just want you to feel good." With one hand, he deftly slid down my sopping panties.

"I'll make you feel He started to stoke my small shaved mound. So much His fingers parted my pink young lips. "Better!" And he slipped two fingers deep inside my warm pussy.

schoolgirl pussy sits on builders mouth I climbed onto his face, i rocked back and forth, grinding on his mouth all over my juicy young smooth pussy. His tung lapping away, and smothering me with attention until it was too much and i orgasmed again.

And then he stopped.

My eyes snapped open. "What's wrong," I whispered. "What did I do?"

"Nothing," he said, patting my shoulder reassuringly. He worked his way out from underneath me and smiled. I just think we've done enough. He made as if to stand up.

"No!" I found myself crying out. "Please Dwayne, I'm almost there." I began rubbing myself vigorously, trying to finish what he'd started. I looked up and caught the glint in his eyes; I d played right into his hands of course.

"You know playing with yourself isn't allowed," said Dwayne.

He grabbed me and flipped me on all fours, then spanked my arse, spread my cheeks and with my ass high in the air. Dwayne says "Now I really will have to punish you!" There was a sound of a zipper being opened. I almost cum thinking how vulnerable my holes were to him mmmm.

schoolgirl sex fucked builder

"Wait!" I protested. "You can't, not like this, you-OOOOHHHH!" Before I could finish he had driven his member deep inside me. His fingers had been nothing compared to this new sensation. I was utterly paralyzed with pleasure and shame, as he took me from behind. With each thrust I felt more and more fulfilled, and the swinging of his balls against my clitoris drove me beyond wild.

builder man penis cumshoots sperm on schoolgirl collegeSoon I was bucking again, pressing my pussy as tight as I could against him, rubbing my clit, moaning as if I wanted the world to hear. He would thrust and I would cry out; he wrapped a hand around me to finger my clit, and I quivered in return.

Finally, we came together in one final thrust, and rather than let him pull out I clamped myself as tight as I could to him, milking his rod to the last drop. Finally, I felt him slip out of me, and I collapsed on the floor, and let afterglow sweep me away.

I must have drifted off to sleep and by the time I had recovered, Dwayne had gone back outside working. I gathered my things and got dressed quickly. I was just about to leave when he walked back in the room with an empty glass, I grabbed it from him. "I can't believe you" I heard myself sputter angrily. Shame I had school the next day.



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