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Dwayne sat at a desk and I sat at mine, a few feet away from him. I sat on a revolving chair in front of my computer. I gave Dwayne some work to get on with. When he had finished I went over to him and stood in front of his desk and leaned over and looked at what he had done. I made sure that he got a good look at my tits. My nipples were already erect now at the thought of what I was going to get him to do to me. I stayed leaning over him for a few minutes to make sure he got a good look. I told him he had done very well and patted him on the arm. I gave him some more work to do and went back to my seat. As I sat down I made sure my skirt rose up exposing my stocking tops.

I immediately noticed Dwayne looking at them. Good, he was getting aroused. My cunt juices started flowing. I started slowly swinging round on my chair and wriggling making sure my skirt got higher. I made sure my legs were as apart as possible.

He could clearly see my stocking tops and I hoped he could see my now moist cunt. I saw him looking and asked him whether he was having trouble concentrating on the work. He blushed and said sorry. I continued teasing him and when he had finished I asked him to bring the work over to me. He stood in front of me and handed me the work. As he stood over me I saw him looking down my top and looking at my tits. I dropped my pen and he bent down to pick it up. I opened my legs wider and I saw him look up my skirt. He seemed to stay in that position for quite a while as he took in the sight of my shaven wet pussy.

I said to him, 'Why don't you stay down there while I check your work. You can admire the view.' I pulled my skirt up higher and fully exposed myself. I said to him, 'You obviously like what you are seeing, why don't you play with my cunt'. He reached out and his fingers went straight inside me and started finger fucking me. I put down his work and joined him on the floor and took his trousers and underpants down. I was quite impressed with the size of his cock, although I have had bigger ones. I wanted a thorough fucking and I didn't need him to cum too soon so I decided to suck him off first so that he would last longer the second time and give me plenty of time to have a multiple orgasm. Also I adore the taste of young spunk and desperately needed to have a mouthful. One orgasm is never enough to satisfy me and if I can get into a multiple I will have three or four which will satisfy me for a while. Otherwise I have to rely on my trusty vibrators and dildoes.

I also undressed and offered a tit for him to suck on. I told him to suck it really hard and squeeze the other nipple. He was really quite good at it and with practice would make a very good tit sucker. I made a mental note to encourage him to do this on other occasions. I lent over him and took his cock deep into my mouth. I tightened my lips around the tip and pulled his foreskin back with my lips. Then I pushed my tongue as far down his spunk hole as I could get. I used my hands to squeeze his balls. One of his hands was now finger fucking my cunt and I decided that as soon as he had cum I wanted his fist right inside me. I loved the feeling of being totally full.

If I can't get two men together and have one cock in my cunt and one in my arse, I love to have his fist in my cunt and his cock in my arse. Better still is having a third one in my mouth. I wanked his cock as I sucked him and in about two minutes I felt his balls start twitching and knew he was going to cum. I kept my lips clamped tight round it and was soon sucking his spunk deep into my mouth. The first two or three shots hit the back of my throat which I kept in my mouth to savour the taste. I kept sucking every last drop out until he was totally drained. I took his cock out of my mouth and sat and savoured the taste of his spunk. I was now ready to cum. I told him I wanted his fist in me and he thought it wouldn't all go in. I opened my legs and held my cunt lips open. He easily got three fingers in and carried on finger fucking me until he managed his whole hand. It was heavenly. I told him to fist fuck me. With his other hand he held my legs apart. He was too gentle and I told him to be rougher.

Soon his fist was pummelling in and out of my soaking wet cunt. I played roughly with my nipples and my first orgasm didn't take long and I was now ready for him to fuck me. I couldn't decide if I wanted him to carry on fist fucking my cunt and fuck me in the arse or if I wanted his cock in my cunt. After being opened wide with his fist I thought I wouldn't get much sensation from his cock so I decided I wanted him to fuck me in the arse. I rolled over onto all fours and made sure he didn't take his hand out. Then he positioned himself behind me and put his cock at the opening of my arse. I was already very wet and his cock slipped in easily. He was very gentle, which was not what I wanted and I told him to give me a very hard arse fucking. At last he was giving what I needed.

One of my hands found my clit and with the fist fucking I was getting my next orgasm was soon upon me. Dwayne still had not cum again yet and continued giving my arse the fucking it needed. I could feel another almighty cum getting ready and I knew I was going to have the multiple orgasm I was searching for. Suddenly it hit me and wave after wave of orgasm shot through my body. I shook from my head to my toes and the thorough assault on me had the effect I needed. I actually lost count of how many times I came as one orgasm simply flowed into another. As my last one subsided I felt a hot load of spunk deposited deep inside my arse as Dwayne eventually came.

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