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Show off your bedroom skills with a little bit of stripping, a little bit of teasing and a lot of sex psychology...

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1. Sort his head out

Plant the seeds of amazing sex before you even make it to the bedroom. Show him the gorgeous lingerie you're wearing and then go out for a fancy dinner, talk dirty, play footsie and rev-up the tension until he's ready to explode. A slow mental build up will intensify his arousal and jump start his libido. Give him a surge of hormones by racing him home (even if you know he'll win) or asking him to carry you because your 'feet hurt'. Finally, try kissing him from neck to ear - a highly sensitive spot packed full of nerve endings.

2. Waste time with a striptease

Sometimes speed is detrimental to amazing orgasms, so take your time by slowly stripping off. Stand in front of him, make strong eye contact and give him a mini-burlesque show. Men are more visual when it comes to sex (which is why they're more likely to watch porn) so appealing to his sense of sight will get his pulse pounding.

3. Stop and start

Orgasms are all about a build up of tension in the genital region so delaying his orgasm should make the end result even stronger. When you notice he's close to climax, remove stimulation completely or slow down to reduce friction. Repeat this pattern as many times as you can both handle to experience some of the benefits of Tantric sex.


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Cold weather has been shown to lower libidos so while the British winter persists, make sure your sex life doesn't get as low as the temperature.


But if hiding out under a blanket is more appealing then getting naked try out some of these tips for getting warm the fun way


Take a hot shower together
It's warm, steamy and always fun to get dirty while getting clean.

Go for the rom-com night in
Embrace the cold snap and go for a vintage rom-com night of passion. You know, roaring fire (or candles and a fan heater will do), sheepskin rug on the floor, blankets and hot chocolates.

Try a warming massage
Buy some warming body oil and take turns to massage each other just make sure the room is warm to begin with. No one wants to get naked in the cold.

Huddle up
If there's nothing else for it get under the duvet and try the spooning sex position. Get your man to cradle you with his entire body it's great for playing while you have sex and his body heat will keep you nice and toasty.


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1. Hate the player not the game. Online sex dating can be a gamble that you can't always expect to win. One bad date doesn’t mean the whole concept is a bust.

2. Think with your head not with your crotch. Common sense will protect you from both physical harm and rejection, as long as you’re hooked on sex not just on taking risks.

3. Honesty is the best policy. Eventually you probably might want to get naked with your date so whatever shortcomings you didn’t mention will shortly come to light.

4. Avoid politics. You’re here for the other “bush” or head of state. Ignore rumours and avoid talking to gossipmongers, it will save loads of misunderstandings.

5. Respect others and they will respect you. You might think you’re out of someone’s league, but be nice since someone else may think the same when you try to score.

6. Don’t lead others on. It’s hard to be direct when you reject someone. However, the longer you wait the messier it gets since add a dose of dishonesty to rejection and it’s even worse.

7. Curiosity is not a replacement for experience. Depending on what kind of sex you’d like to explore, you can find yourself in over your head not to mention in handcuffs.

8. Don’t take it too seriously. Sex is about pleasure. If it’s only about conquest and plays an integral part in your self-esteem then you might want to revaluate your priorities.

9. Safe sex is more than fashionable it guarantees that the fun keeps coming. Lately people have been getting lax in their precautions, but diseases, deadly or otherwise are still a real risk. HIV is not cured and hepatitis is no picnic.

10. Be the best you can be. Sex dating is truly a chance to explore your sexuality in a completely open way. You have an anonymity and security online that allows you to talk about whatever you want and not be judged. Enjoy it.

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